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Party for Posh Tots

In honor of Netflix's release of "Audrey"

I thought I would share the details of one of

the most fabulous 5th birthdays darling!

I mentioned in my Tiffany's & Co. themed bedroom post, that my oldest daughter's

birthday party inspired the entire theme of the room. It is a tradition for my girls and

I to sit down a few months before their birthdays and come up with a theme. Throughout the year,

I make a pin board with things I think they would like and then they scroll through

them and pick them out.

Well for her 5th birthday, my eldest's eyes landed on a photo of

a little girl, donning a huge black tutu dress, wearing big black glasses,

draped in pearls and a tiara. Her face instantly lit up and she made her decision!

She had three major requests :

1.) She could wear a black gown

2.) The entire party had to be "super fancy"

3.) We could have fancy champagne glasses for the kids to drink out

of, like "when we have sparkling grape juice at Thanksgiving"

First order of business, the dress!

My daughter saw the exact dress she wanted on Pinterest.

A simple image search on AliExpress , and Viola! The exact dress appeared!

As per usual with AliExpress, it took about 3 weeks to come in.

The seller I purchased it from no longer has it available.

I found an alternative option on Ali Express & Amazon

but again I have NOT purchased from these sellers.

So buy at your own risk:

Goal #2 : Super "Fancy Party"

Setting the Tone:

Since the beginning, I have always designed the birthday invitations and holiday cards.

It's because of a mix of me being slightly OCD and the pure joy

it brings me to create something.

My vision was the classic elegance of the Tiffany box, so I designed a

simple square bifold invitation that mimicked the ribbon tied box,

with her name & Co. on the face of it.

*Details changed & blurred for privacy*

You can purchase a digital download version of this invitation

on my Etsy shop Dani's Suite Life

**Coming soon**

Playing Dress Up:

Now if we were going to have a Fabulous 5th,

then we were in need of some Fabulous photos to go with it!

So once again we called on the remarkableAnna Alesci Photography

to help capture the opulence.

We received the birthday dress in the mail a few weeks later and I found

this Replica Necklace for little girls on Amazon

(She loved it so much, we argued every morning after that because she wanted to wear it to school)

Naturally, I didn't need to purchase a tiara because my girl

already owned 4 different ones... (yeah, I know. I'm in trouble)

And of course she had to have "heels Mommy"!

This is actually the new version from the seller. It has a bit more bling.

Which of course, we've purchased since then, as she has overgrown the previous pair.

The Photoshoot

In reality, we knew we would never be allowed to shoot the photos INSIDE a Tiffany's store,

but no one said anything about taking them outside!

My daughter was definitely in her element twirling and

promenading around. Anna made her feel like a celebrity!

They were absolutely perfect for the thank you cards and decorations.

Getting the Look:

I loved the idea of keeping the theme along the lines of replicating the box shape in different areas, so when it came to the table setting the plates just had to be square!

One of my biggest pet peeves with party table supplies geared towards kids, is that they are flimsy. Children are much more rough on products than adults, so it has never made sense to me why they make their party plates paper thin; other than the fact that they are cheap. I would rather pay a little extra and know that the penne a la vodka isn't going to end up on my lap or the floor. I originally purchased my plates from Party City, who happened to be having a sale at the time. Since then, it seems they no longer sell this shade. However, I actually have found a much better deal on Amazon:

I used the White Version for the Dinner Plate and the Aqua for the Dessert Plate.

But if I had known, that they had the whole set on Amazon, I would've been able to save

myself the extra leg work!

Around the time of this party, my daughter had transitioned from

Pre-K to Kindergarten, so we had an entirely new group of friends to invite.

That said, I thought it would be cute to make place cards for seating.

1.) It looked "fancier" to have everyone's name displayed, like a grown up dinner party

2.) It made it easier to mix the groups together but also without dividing

siblings and schools. Every table was a blend of each.


3.) It helped the kids learn new friends' names!

Rachel of On Pointe Creations created these absolutely stunning

die cut names in a Black Glitter Card stock

She also created these beautiful little fashionista cut outs, that I used to make centerpieces!

Goal #3 : "Fancy" Champagne Cups

All of my kids love drinking Sparkling Grape Juice out of the plastic champagne

cups at the holidays. So this little request by my oldest, touched my heart.

Although, it also stumped me for once!

At home, I have acrylic champagne glasses for them. If they do manage to

fumble them, there's no breaks or bleeds on the horizons. We had a large amount

of little guests to account for, which meant purchasing those same cups, would've

been a hefty bill. The ones that you purchase at the party store,

which are in two pieces, are just a disaster waiting to happen!

Oddly enough, I happened to be in the Dollar Tree the same week,

picking up odds and ends, when I discovered these PERFECT Champagne Cups!

They were hard and sturdy acrylic, with the most beautiful design

that made them look like crystal cups.

They also came 2 per pack, making their price tag 50 cents each!

It was a no brainer!

I had to agree with my girl,

they really took the whole party up a notch!

The kids LOVED them and felt very cool

drinking out of their posh little glasses!

The location where the party was hosted, had a great mix in the party package. The kids were

able to "Stuff-A-Pet" (which sounds odd but think of off brand build-a-bear)

and have a dance party. The kids decorated t-shirts for their new animal,

stuffed them with cotton, then moved on to popcorn, cotton candy, and a

short video playlist of Trolls Music Videos projected on a screen.

Afterwards, they had a dance party. It was a great experience

that day & they were fully entertained.

The only reason I'm not mentioning the place

by name is because we had a very different experience 6 months later for my

middle child's birthday. It was the complete opposite; disorganized, rushed,

and a mess. I don't know that it necessarily reflected how the place had gone downhill

or if it just made a huge difference that the owner wasn't there that day,

like she had been previously. So I will hold out judgement, because

I can't truly say and I like to leave only honest, thought out

reviews on everything I do.


Their newly "adopted stuffed pets" were the real favor, but I think in my

heart it didn't feel like a party if there wasn't a little grab bag at the end.

Therefore, I ordered two different boxes from Oriental Trading Company.

This one for the little ladies:

And this one for the little gents:

I made a sticker label by printing out a cute Tiffany's themed picture that

I found on Pinterest and just added the "Thank you a Latte Darling!"

on Photoshop, to give them a little more zhuzh!

Inside, the Girls had faux pearl necklaces and tiaras.

All from Oriental Trading Company:

The Boys had Fake Mustaches from Oriental Trading

And BOTH favor boxes had :

**The Tuxedo Bubbles were on clearance at the

time so I got them for practically pennies.

But Oriental Trading Company has so many other cute options available:

A Sweet End to a Perfect Day

Full disclosure, when this party occurred, I was in the thick of bridal season and had to work just the day before, so I was really crunched for time. Originally, I had planned to make a small tiered cake shaped like the little blue boxes, but time was of the essence. Instead, I made a single top tier

decorated with garlands of fondant pearls and broaches. I also made matching

cupcakes. Everything in her favorite flavor, Red Velvet (but of course this time

we made "Tiffany Blue" Velvet) and Cream Cheese Buttercream.

I also made coordinating Fondant covered cookies in the shapes of

dresses, shoes, and mustaches.

All in all, the party was a hit!

All the little guests had fun and their parents showered us with the kindest compliments.

Most importantly the Birthday Girl said it was "the best birthday evahhh!".

She felt like a movie star! After all the events of the day and the sugar rush,

she inevitably crashed ...HARD. If we're being honest, she refused to take the dress off

and slept a solid 8 hours in it.

It has been years since this party, but both of our

kids still talk about it!

It holds a special place in my heart too.

Maybe it was the pearls,

the glitz & glamour,

or maybe...

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