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Red Haute Fashion Finds

COVID may have slowed us all down, but somehow

I still find that I have zero time to get ready.

Granted I have three children, but regardless of that,

it always seems like I'm flying out the door to do XYZ

no matter what the circumstances are!

That kind of lifestyle, requires things to be

quick, easy, and accessible.

Friday was my husband's birthday.

Thankfully, we have both received our first vaccination

and are about to get our second, which has us

feeling much more comfortable dining out - within

reason and of course while still being safe.

To finally have plans with my husband on a Friday night was a

refreshing thought, until it hit me that I would have to get ready

after doing all the usual shenanigans of a Friday in our home.

Because I know some of you can truly relate,

here is the full scale of what my itinerary was that day :

7am : Get ready for the day

8am : Get the kids ready for Virtual School

8:30am : Wake and feed the baby

9am : Breakfast and check school supplies for the day

10am : Log the kids onto Virtual School

10:30am : Wrap presents

10:45am : Bake Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies for Sal's birthday

11am : Bake Mini Keto Brownie Cake for Sal's birthday

11:30am : Make Lunch for the kids

12pm : Run out for School distribution (supplies for the next week) at local school

12:15pm : Get kids logged on again + get their supplies for extra classes

(art, library, etc.)

12:30pm - 1:30pm : ATTEMPT to get baby to take a nap

1:30pm : Make decorations with the kids on their last break

2:30pm : Log the kids back on / Hang decorations

2:45pm : Clean up the baking mess in the kitchen

3:30pm : Kids finish school = clear up their "school stations" (a.k.a. two different rooms in the house)

4:30pm : Assemble cake in dome and put it somewhere the kids wouldn't be able to reach (...because everyone likes to be REAL "HELPFUL" when there is cake around lol)

4:45pm : Eat something for the first time all day

5pm : Get kids showered and in pajamas early for their "jammie party" with Nonna + Nonno

5:30pm : Hop in the shower myself

... this brought me to CRUNCH TIME!

Now I know what anyone who knows me thinks...

"Oh Dani you're a makeup artist, hair and makeup must be so quick for you!"

... HA! NO. Not in the least!

With a client, I've looked at you and in seconds I know what

makeup look I want to create on you.

Full vision in a split second.

With myself?

I'm a true blue indecisive Libra who needs to over-analyze

every detail and waste time with too many options on Pinterest.

After much wasted time deciding on smokey eyes & pin curls, I was left with little to no time to properly plan out an outfit.

Cue my favorite, quick, elegant, sexy, figure-flattering clothing item known to man!

Jumpsuits are my ABSOLUTE favorite wardrobe piece!

EVERYONE should own one in their life!

I own several but this one I bought last year is to die for!

First off, this jumpsuit is normally priced at upward of $100.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the only thing I love more than

quality fashion finds, it's quality fashion finds with an equally

appealing price tag.

I found this jumpsuit on sale for $40.

No, you didn't read that wrong!

YES! $40.

One of my greatest finds!

Between the fabric and the cut, this outfit is divine!

I bought it in the shade "Crimson" , and it is a real candy apple red.

I love the halter neckline because it defines my shoulders and

décolletage area, while the buttons at the neck give it support

so it doesn't slouch like some other styles do.

As a true pear shape, the combination of the halter neck and

wide leg pants helps to not only to balance out my

figure, but also create an hourglass affect.

The hollowed bottoms of the wide leg style also

showed off the pointed toe of my shoes nicely.

(and we'll get to those in a minute!)

As of today, they do have sale pricing on this jumpsuit

in certain shades and sizing. Full disclosure, not as great as my original

sale price, but you can still get it for $64 depending on the size and color.

It is absolutely worth every penny!

It's versatility is key! It can be worn casually as

well as dressy with a minor change of accessories.

For reference, I'm a size 14 and bought the size 14,

and it fits perfectly. It curved and defined all the right areas, while

still being extremely comfortable.

Now back to those shoes...

I hate to admit it, but long gone are my stiletto/high-heeled days.

Between, running after children and the affects of multiple childbirths IN GENERAL, my feet and lower back will not allow it.

I'm also not ready to submit completely to the ballet flat life.

No shade! I love a good ballet flat, but they don't necessarily

make you feel sultry, you know?

I found this brand LifeStride on Amazon, and have purchases

several kitten/low heels and have been extremely happy with

the outcome. In all honesty, I wasn't sure how this particular

pair were going to be. Not to sound rude, but they looked

a little granny-like to me in the photos.

When they came in I was pleasantly surprised

they were much nicer in person!

They also happened to be extremely

comfortable with all the cushioning in

the sole and ball of the foot.

Perfectly fashionable way to conceal my aging limbs...

While we're faking it, let's throw it back

to an O.G. 90's (for me at least) hack!

I have ZERO time to do my nails EVER!

Even before COVID, it didn't make sense for me to have

my nails done because they would inevitably get covered

with all sorts of makeup and ruined. I know some ladies are fine

with that, but I'm too O.C.D. to deal with chips and fill ins.

Plus I have very little to work with considering I'm a nail biter

- such a TERRIBLE habit that I do unconsciously at this point!

So a quick-dry nail polish is out of the question!

In the past I would occasionally, do my own acrylics,

but haven't found time recently.

HUNDREDS of options in all different drugstores and Amazon.

For anyone who has their nails done regularly, this isn't going to be up to your usual standards, but it will get you out the door with nice polished looking hands!

I give these guys a solid 8/10, because they lasted the night and into the next day. The reason for the two point loss was the glue. The glue itself, had a strong

flexible hold. It could handle roughness without snapping. My issue was really

with glue placement. It wasn't lined up well with the edges of the nail,

so I found that the minor space left room for snagging on hair or

clothing. Ultimately, I wasn't looking for perfection! this did it's job

which was one night only!

Last but not least on my Red Haute Fashion finds,

coming to terms with our new reality while still being fashionable.

My lovely matching red face mask!

Hey we all have to do what we have to do to keep ourselves and

others safe, but no one said we couldn't be cute while doing it.

I've actually been having quite a bit of fun accessorizing my masks

The seller doesn't seem to have same exact stone shade as I have (an A/B crystal),

They do have the same Red with matching Red stones, which is equally cute

and depending on your taste, might be a better fit for outfit styling.

There is a fantastic collection of colors to choose from, and

I love that it is a thicker mask without being claustrophobic.

It also has a pocket built in for filters.

For $12, you have a more fashion forward

way to stay safe!

The Earrings are from Amazon and I love them so much

I have them in several colors.

Quick Makeup Breakdown :

As usual, for makeup, I LIVE for my Lawless The One" Palette

She IS the one and we are very happy together.

The shade "Steady" is my go-to brow and crease color, and

there is not one shade in this palette I don't love.

For this look, I used :

"Fling" on the lid,

"Steady" in the crease,

and "DTR" on the outer corners.

A newbie to my collection is the NYX Matte Liquid Liner

It glides on nicely, has great flexibility, and is the perfect option for

ladies who love a cat eye but feel like don't have the

hand-eye coordination for it.

Now... that lip though?

HOWEVER, I'm going to be 100% with you, I am trying

to find a vegan friendly replacement.

I've found a ton of different lovely vegan options, but have yet

to have found this exact shade of orangey flame red that I love.

Keep your eyes peeled because I have some options coming in the mail!

I'll keep you posted!

The rest of the products are part of my regular makeup routine, which

consists of a mix of MILK Makeup & Ilia Makeup Products.

I will be posting about my usual makeup routine shortly,

and **crossing fingers** even a few video tutorials

are in the works.

Stay tuned for those!

In the meantime, I hope you found these "Red Haute Finds"

simple, sophisticated, and saucy!

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