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REDHEAD : Playing with Fire

I've worked in salons for over 10 years, and any hair colorist will tell you that the most commonly used phrase when someone is about to dye their hair is "as long as it's not brassy".

Raven Black, Rich chocolate browns, golden and ash blondes for every season but for some reason the popular consensus is coppers need not apply!

And to be honest, I used to be one of them.

Which is weird because looking back now, growing up I actually admired a lot of famous red heads

Brenda Star and Jessica Rabbit.

Geri "Ginger" Halliwell was my favorite Spice Girl

Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball

Not only were they beautiful, but their hair color matched their fiery nature.

In the last 10 years, I have had every shade hair color that exists in the rainbow.

Sometimes even at the same time!

White/Blonde, Grey, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Teal, Aqua, Purple, Pink, and even Burgundy Red, but funny enough "brassy" tones I steered away from. The closest I ever got was an accidental peach shade...long story but it was cute!

Now the copper tones I had once been so afraid of, I absolutely ADORE!

As someone who would changes their hair color 3-4 times a year, dare I say I finally found my forever shade?!

I use three Arctic Fox shades to get this color and yes I did bleach it myself during Quarantine...

Now mine worked out but I'm a licensed Cosmetologist and even I should NOT have done it.

I could've easily ended up looking like Angelica Houston in a very pivotal scene in The WITCHES.

Sorry for the nightmares but again really need to drive home my little P.S.A. that

I do NOT RECOMMEND you bleaching your own hair at home especially if you have zero experience with it!

Now back to the shades & the process...

One of the reasons I decided to take the plunge into going ginger at home was because I know from years of bleaching my hair, that my hair naturally lifts to brassy orange.

So at that point I would just be putting color over it to enhance the shades.

My natural hair color is a dark mousy brown.

Using bleach & 20 vol. developer, I lifted my hair to a dark strawberry blonde.

The hair around my face had been previously lightened,

so I continued that by lightening it again and planned to leave it "peachy" tinted blonde.

Then it was Arctic Fox time!

In general this year I have been trying to switch over to more natural beauty products and this was one of the hair colors that came up in my search, with no harsh chemicals, cruelty free,

and is also vegan.

I cannot say enough good things about it.

The color range is amazing and mixes really well with other shades since they are pretty much straight pigment. It can even take to light brown hair.

Extremely easy to use! You literally just put it on no developers needed.

They smell good and the color LASTS & does NOT BLEED!

In the past, I used another popular vegan brand and though the process was simple and the colors were beautiful, the color would come off on EVERYTHING!

I had blue hair at the time & "SMURFED" things everywhere I rested my head.

This hair color does NOT do that!


My combination is

& a dash of Purple Rain

to neutralize the brightness & bring it to a more Ginger tone

Picture proof of my momentary insanity:

(excuse the cat filter - it was during The Tiger King phase)

End Result :

Final Verdict on Ginger Life:

"...It's not just a hair color, its a state of mind..."

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