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Spice up your life!

Ginger, Tumeric, Mustard, Nutmeg...and I'm not even referring to cooking!

I'm talking warm tones in fashion!

Have you ever debated the color of something with an artist?

My husband and I do it all the time.

What he calls dark red, I would say is more of burgundy or merlot.

It's not being pretentious, it's truly just how our brains are wired around the colors and

picking at their plethora of undertones!

Bride's do this too when picking out bridesmaids dress colors, "it's not coral its salmon"

Since dyeing my hair red, I have been favoring the warmer side of the color wheel.

When you change your hair color, it goes without saying that it changes your entire look.

For example, the color of your skin takes on a different hue as your new hair cradles your face.

I naturally have light-medium olive skin but it actually favors the neutral side.

Some shades I have tried in the past I loved but they made me look sallow.

This copper/red has complimented my olive undertones and added more warmth to my overall look.

Usually with redheads the main color suggestions are always in the blue or green range to compliment the orange and red tones in the hair.

Navys and Olives, Evergreens and Cobalts.

All beautiful shades but, I recently discovered how much I love the spicy shades! Like Mustard!

It really brings out the hair color vibrantly but in a complimentary way not ostentatiously.

Likewise Ginger does the same.

Here is one of my favorite "Spicy" outfit combos head to toe

This top was one of those random finds at Walmart in Winter 2018.

The color stood out immediately and I happened to be 6 months pregnant with my youngest,

so the tunic was comfortable and perfectly curved around the bump.

Now it's forgiving on mummy's tummy!

These leggings are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE leggings in history!

They're snug in a flattering way where they "trim you up" a bit but still extremely comfortable.

They also have a thin insolation inside.

Really they are flattering in any size.

For reference I'm wearing size XL and I'm usually a size 14 pants.

I own them in 3 different shades...and counting.

This shade is considered "BROWN" ...see I call them Ginger!

If you follow my Instagram

(which you should! Come to the dark side we have cookies! really I'm a baker)

then these boots should look familiar from a mostly monochromatic look

that I again added a Ginger Moment to, a few weeks back:

Now let's argue again...the seller calls this color TAUPE ....

,,,I digress

Style Breakdown:

Belt was part of a Combo on Amazon

(I love them both totally worth the price)

Shirt Dress from MisseeDesiree -Which isn't in existence right now??

I'll tell you another time of how I sort of got Gram Scammed...

Moving On!

Of course we must be safe but no one said we can't also be fashionable!

I've been having a whole bunch of fun matching my masks to my outfits. I found this one at Target.

They don't have the same design anymore but this mask is

by the same brand within Target and is similar : Universal Thread Mask

As a Makeup Artist, at one point in time I LITERALLY only had black clothing

because truly what was the point. But I didn't mind it!

Black is forever my favorite fashion color; its timeless.

I fell in love with it when I was little and first saw Morticia Adams and wanted to be her.

It will always be my go-to color.

So I took my first love and added my new favorite color to it for this look!

Now this seller called the color Camel ... and yeah I can be down with that!

Style Breakdown:

(for size reference I'm wearing the XL)

Same belt from the white & ginger look

(Size reference: I'm wearing size 14)

One person's Ginger is another person's Camel

but either way I encourage you to invest in some warmer tones and

Spice Up Your Life

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